Home veterinary care is tailored to managing your pet’s health through preventative care and in-home treatment of minor or chronic ailments. Please keep in mind that if a medical emergency arises with your pet, you should bring your pet directly to a 24 hour emergency facility. If during the course of evaluating your pet, we feel that hospitalization or surgery is warranted, we will advise transport to a “brick and mortar” facility.

Here is a list of the most common services provided in your home:

In-home Health Exam                        $99

Vaccination                                           $25

Nail Trim                                               $15

Anal Gland Expression                       $12

Ear Cleaning                                         $12

Ear Cytology                                          $60

End of Life Care                                   $120

(Cremation service is additional)

Lab Work

Heartworm Test                                    $39

Routine Blood Work                            $118

Senior Blood Work                               $158

Thyroid Screen                                       $89

Urinalysis                                                $49

Fecal Screen                                            $30

Mass Aspirate/Cytology                       $160

Bacterial Culture/Sensitivity               $168

Most Medications are prescribed through our online pharmacy and shipped directly to your door. Prices vary.