ColdDogHow cold is too cold for your pet? Well, there is really no easy answer for this since different breeds can tolerate cold temperatures differently. The rule of thumb should be that if is would be dangerous for you to stay outside for a prolonged period of time, then your pet should not either. When the temperatures dip into the single digits, trips outdoors should be minimal. Dogs can get frostbite and tissue damage to their paws from extremely cold temperatures and ice. Some outerwear is recommended for thin and small dogs or dogs with very short or sparse coats as they have less natural “insulation”. Foot protection (if your dog tolerates booties) can be helpful to protect against the cold, sharp ice, and the caustic properties of some ice melt products. If you think your pet has already developed an injury or other problem secondary to the extreme cold, plan a visit to your veterinarian to have him/her evaluated.


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